Budget execution
Software package

Automated budget execution system

The «Budget-NEXT» software package is a high-tech new-generation
WEB solution designed to automate the drafting, execution and analysis of regional and local budgets.

The basis for the development of a new software product that combines the ease of use of the PC «Budget-WEB» and full functionality of the PC «Budget-SMART»
were the following trends dominant in the field of information technology:

Import substitution
Implementation of opportunities to create an automated workplace based on domestic software. The «Budget-NEXT» software package is designed as a solution that fully complies with the concept of import substitution:
• Works in all common browsers and on any domestic operating systems, as well as on open source software.
• The database management system can serve as a Postgres Pro DBMS from the Russian manufacturer or as an open source. It is possible to operate on the familiar MS SQL DBMS.

The software package operates in a single information space
with the PC «Budget-SMART», built using the criteria of single data entry and a single system of NIS, which allows you to expand its capabilities to connect to a single database without having to install any specialized client software on the workplace participants and non-participants of the budget process.

«Budget-NEXT» was created taking into account the trends of modern software implementation from desktop applications to the sphere of high-tech
WEB-solutions and mobile applications.

Price info
Calculation of the cost of granting non-exclusive rights to use the computer program, implementation and adaptation depends on the term of the rights transfer, the amount of information to be processed, the number of users, the budget level and a number of other indicators. Basic cost of the solution for the financial body of the municipal district
– from 500 000 roubles, for a financial body of the subject of the Russian Federation - from 5 000 000 roubles. Consultation and a personal commercial offer can be obtained from the Marketing Department of Keysystems at marketing@keysystems.ru.
For whom
Financial authorities of all levels of budgets

Tasks to be solved
Multifunctionality Universal set of tools for complete document management processes of the financial authorities of the budgets of the subjects of the Russian Federation and municipal districts.
Comprehensive approach Ensuring the integrated functioning of subsystems for the design, execution and analysis of regional and local budgets.
Modularity and multi-component Modularity and multi-component, complemented by the presence of ready-made integrated solutions provided by the platform and providing a maximum range of opportunities to take into account personal requirements in the design of automated workstations of users in the information systems.
Preparation and adjustment of the budget schedule, limits of budgetary obligations.

Accounting for budgetary and monetary obligations.

Accounting for plans of financial and economic activities, cash servicing of personal accounts of budgetary and autonomous institutions, accounting and reporting for budgetary and autonomous institutions.

Accounting for the receipt of payments to the budget.

Accounting for financing target programs.

Accounting for the sources of financing of budget deficits.

Cash services for the execution of the budget by the Federal Treasury bodies.

Cash accounting (cash and cards).

Maintaining accounting records. Generation of daily and periodic accounting reports.

Automated interaction with the superior and subordinate budgets.

Automated interaction with the Federal Treasury.

Automated interaction with the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation (Federal Tax Service of Russia), Budget Recipient, Budget Institution, Autonomous Institution, Juridical person.

Automated interaction with credit organizations.

Automated interaction with tax authorities.

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