«Keysystems» will take part in a pilot import substitution project in Tver Region

«Keysystems» will take part in a pilot import substitution project in Tver Region

16 June 2023
«Keysystems» will take part in a pilot import substitution project in Tver Region
Alexey Matrosov, General Director of «Keysystems», took part in one of the largest events of the year – St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The XXVI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum became a platform for signing a quadripartite cooperation agreement between «Keysystems», by the government of Tver Oblast, «Aquarius Production Company LLC» и ООО «RED SOFT».

As part of the pilot project on import substitution in terms of automation of the budget process in the Tver Region, the parties are tasked with developing and testing technologies for digitalization of the activities of the region's executive bodies using Russian-made software and hardware, identifying the capabilities and potential of IT products, including testing, customization and stabilization of IT products.

In order to implement measures on transition to fully import-substituted budget process management software for the Tver Oblast, «Keysystems» will centralize budget execution in the region on the basis of the PC «Budget-NEXT».

The software product has all the functional capabilities to implement business processes for execution of regional and municipal budgets in the web-interface. The solution is fully compatible with browsers, operating systems and office packages included in the Register of domestic software.

«The peculiarity of the moment is that customers are now facing a difficult choice: in order to develop IT strategies, they need to decide which server equipment vendors they will be working with in the foreseeable future.

Collecting and analyzing technical information about the behavior of deployed server hardware under various workloads, service incidents and other data allows you to improve product lines and increase their performance characteristics.

General rules require minimizing risks, and this can be done by starting to carefully and precisely rebuild the IT infrastructure. This way is very complicated both technically and organizationally, and requires serious economic investments.

Thus, the signing of the agreement will allow the customer to carry out the necessary activities and determine the supplier of server equipment, and we - to gain additional experience, which in the end, hopefully, will lead to the customer receiving a ready-made hardware and software solution».
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