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KS Business. Documents

KS Business. Documents is a modern and efficient business process management system designed for complex automation of document flow of an organization.

Problems solved

  • Automation of routine operations with documents
  • Distribution and routing
  • Execution of several tasks in parallel
  • Transparency of operations at all stages
  • Quick document search.
  • Document access differentiation
  • Simplification of user work
  • Improving the quality and speed of user work


  1. Routing

    Building digital regulations. Building business processes within the organization, as well as building external document flow routes between branches.

  2. Notification

    The system will notify executors about newly received documents at different stages of approval, about overdue stages of processing.

  3. Transparency

    Time stamping of certificate, document, signature.

    Storage of information on imposed electronic signatures

  4. Mobility

    Web-version on a stationary workplace. Mobile application.

    Signing documents with an electronic signature using a smartphone.

  5. Analysis

    Building analytical reporting. Process monitoring and operational control.

  6. Storage

    Automatic transfer of documents to the electronic archive for storage.

    Saving files with SIG extension.



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