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You & Events

You & Events mobile app is a solution for organizing events of any format, designed for mobile devices.

Problems solved

  • Quick access to event materials: schedule, presentations, videos, photos
  • Operative communication with the organizers of the event. Visual scheme of the event venue. Organizational information: transfer, excursions, etc
  • Convenient communication tools via private messages and group chats
  • Informing participants about upcoming events, messages in personal and group chats with push notifications
  • Receiving feedback about the event


  1. Information

    General menu section with the necessary information: event details, organizers, speakers, venue, etc.

  2. Venue

    An interactive map to help you get to the venue.

  3. Technical support

    Ability to ask questions to tech support or contact organizers directly.

  4. Program of the event

    Schedule of activities by day of the event: time, event and its description, venue, speakers. The application user can ask questions to the speaker during the report and create his/her own personalized schedule.

  5. Personal account

    Personal information with the ability to upload a photo, customize notifications, specify the degree of information display (to show or not to show contact information in the application).

  6. Notifications

    Push notifications sent to the app on the member's device.

  7. Materials

    Your catalog of materials in each event: presentations, webinar recordings, PDF files, photo album. Photos can be posted by organizers and participants.

  8. Surveys

    Collect feedback from the audience in a convenient format: speaker evaluations, event reviews..


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