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Partner program of the leading Russian developer of automated information systems for public authorities
Start without financial investments
The program complexes of the Keysystems company are used in all subjects of Russia and a number of countries of the near abroad.
Opportunities for our partners
Implementing and maintenance
of the Keysystems software products
Providing services on adaptation of software products to the regional specifics of customers
Extended support of centralized implementations
Participation in major projects which are held by Keysystems (including in neighboring regions)
3 simple steps to partnership
Send your application Once it has been reviewed, you will be sent
partner program materials
and we set a date for an on-line conversation
Time: 2 days
On-line conversation with top managers of Keysystems at which we will determine the prospects
of our partnership
Time: 1 day
Concluding a partnership agreement We send a package of documents for signature
Time: from 4 days
What's next?
You will be assigned a personal curator who will provide ongoing support and advice on any issues.
A detailed plan for the development of your company is worked out. Based on the plan, you will receive a complete list of recommendations and schemes of work with existing and future clients. Your curator will assist you in achieving your goals.
Optimization of work. Our team of specialists prepares all necessary documents to simplify and standardize your work.
You will be able to communicate and compete with your colleagues. You will be given access to our company's partner platform, where you can communicate with colleagues from other regions, participate in promotions and contests, download document templates and relevant materials.
Your specialists receive free training. Your employees will be able to attend free online courses and intern on real projects under the mentorship of Keysystems experts.
Full marketing support. You will receive all marketing materials necessary for your work. Every year we support and co-finance a number of marketing activities proposed by our partners.
You will be able to use our brand. Your company will be listed as an official partner on our website. You will be able to use our logo on business cards, letterheads, signs and other materials. Our specialists will participate in events organized by you (webinars, seminars, meetings). We will recommend you to clients on behalf of our company.
You will become part of our team You can always ask for help from any of the Keysystems employees, ask advice from more experienced colleagues from another region, come to our office uninvited and get a workplace and a cup of hot coffee, attend a business or informal event organized by our company.
Join the success of Keysystems
85 subjects of Russia use Keysystems software products
20 years of successful work in the market of automation and management of public finances
56 unique software packages and services
Feedback from our partners
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