Keysystems LLC is a leading Russian developer of automated information systems

KS Business. Analytics

BI-system allowing to receive and analyze data from an unlimited number of information resources and corporate software products in real time, on analytical dashboards, to make informed and operational management decisions.

Problems solved

  • Automate data collection by setting up ETL processes
  • Storage of data in a single data warehouse
  • Reference Data Normalization (Master Data)
  • Real-time data monitoring and analysis


  1. Obtaining data from the following sources:

    — structured files (xml, json, csv, xls, xlsx, ods, txt, etc.);
    — relational databases;
    — NoSQL databases;
    — API interfaces;
    — web services;
    — open portals;
    — FTP servers;
    — manual input of information (not recommended, only as an exception).

  2. Using dashboards to analyze key indicators

    Working with data and its visualization on analytical dashboards and reports without preloading, «directly» from the data source system in online mode.

  3. Data showcase

    Provision of data to external information resources, according to required formats.

  4. Big Data

    Storage and processing of large amounts of data.

  5. Creating a document in specialized code

    Realization of HTML-documents on the basis of received data.

  6. Dashboards

    Data visualization and analysis on analytical dashboards.

  7. Linking dashboards and portal

    Display analytical dashboards on public resources.

  8. Cross-platform

    Supports operation on any device.

  9. Role allocation

    Role model support, differentiation of access to objects and data within the analytical system.



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